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Recognition of achievement is always a source of satisfaction, and it is with pleasure that we share our successes with our partners. ZMC recently gained ISO9001: 2015 accreditation after assessment of its management system. The inspection carried out by the prestigious Lloyds Register was successfully passed, confirming the validity of the “ZMC system”, without any […]


For several years ZMC has, in addition to our core business producing chains and sprockets, also been involved in the production of…bicycles. However, these miniature bicycles are for demonstrative purposes only, produced entirely by laser techniques using ZMC production laser machines. ZMC boasts two Bystronic 4400W laser cutting systems, loaded automatically, and capable of cutting […]


Among the most sophisticated chains produced by ZMC, are those employed in the automotive pre-treatment process. The application of protective layers that precede the final painting of the cars, vans and trucks, takes place in pre-treatment plants, through which the chains follow the path of a sine wave. Two parallel chains slide on side guides […]


Taking advantage of the Mecasec® technology, exclusive of ZMC, a whole range of self-lubricating chains has been designed and manufactured especially for the production of bread and other bakery products. In particular, these chains are used with excellent results…


The latest generation of refrigeration tunnel chains used in the ice cream industry summarizes ZMC’s experience in this sector. In fact, for more than thirty-five years ZMC has been working with some of the leading manufacturers and end-users of this market…


The 105th anniversary of the “Sette Campanili” Cross Country race falls in 2019 and ZMC, together with other sponsors, contributes to keeping this ancient and prestigious sporting tradition alive. The first edition of the competition dates back to…

Chains for bottle washing systems

Through a long and fruitful collaboration with the sector’s customers ZMC has developed a complete and reliable range of chains used in the systems dedicated to the washing of bottles and more generally of glass containers. Most of the applications concern the food industry and in particular the beverage sector…

Chains with copper plated pins

The copper plating of the pins is historically a typical and recognizable feature of various ZMC chains. The galvanic copper coating is performed on the pins of our chains for precise technical reasons that involve both the quality of the product and safety at work. The riveting operation concludes the assembly of the chains, it provides a plastic deformation…

Low maintenance chains with sealings

The need to reduce or completely cancel the maintenance of the chains is addressed by ZMC with different solutions based on the working conditions and requirements of the specific sectors. In several cases the most effective way to reduce maintenance costs is to load the starting chain with an adequate amount of grease and to confine…

Pre-tensioning and measure

On request, ZMC provides individually pre-tensioned and measured chains with an specially designed tool that uses laser technology and the application of a controlled tensile force. The first stage, called pre-tensioning, provides for the application to the chain of a tension equal to 30% of the nominal breaking load…

Wheelchair basketball

For some years ZMC has been part of the pool of sponsors supporting the wheelchair basketball team Handicap Sport Varese, a club that has managed to conquer and then permanently maintain a place in the top Italian series of this discipline, as well as taking part on several occasions at prestigious international tournaments.

Chain for ovens in paintshop of car industry

Paint drying systems are one of the most delicate and important applications in the automotive sector. The process takes place inside ovens that can be up to 250 metres long and a temperature of 250 °C, inside which the painted car bodies are moved.