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What do we do

“We manufacture industrial conveyor chains”

– Special for each application;
– On customer’s drawing;
– Not standard;
– With metric or imperial pitch;

Production range

Chain pitch 25.00 mm up to 600.00 mm and above, if necessary.
Breaking load up to 3,000,000 N.
Thickness of plates 2.00 mm up to 60.00 mm.
Construction materials

From structural steel (St) to Nickel alloys.

Heat treatments all the main thermochemical heat treatments (hardening and tempering, induction hardening, case hardening, nitriding, oxyinitrocarburization, etc.).
Coatings all the main galvanic and chemical coatings (electrolytic and hot galvanizing, phosphating, chemical nickel, zincolam, zinc-nickel, etc.).

We supply Sprockets, with or without hub, for each type of chain.

Our company philosophy is based on the centrality of the customer.

industrial conveyor chains - machinery
industrial conveyor chains - machinery
industrial conveyor chains - product