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Chain for ovens in paintshop of car industry

Paint drying systems are one of the most delicate and important applications in the automotive sector. The process takes place inside ovens that can be up to 250 metres long and a temperature of 250 °C, inside which the painted car bodies are moved.

For more than 20 years ZMC has developed a solution that allows to solve the main problems of this application by eliminating the lubrication from inside the oven.

The need to oil or grease a chain that works at high temperature requires the use of high quality lubricating products to be renewed frequently. To the lubrication and maintenance costs, are added those due to the rework of the bodies stained by the lubricant that inevitably circulates in the oven.

The exclusive Mecasec® technology, integrated into the chain, allows ZMC to build clean, silent, reliable and long-lasting chains (up to 15 years of work), thanks to which both maintenance and product waste are eliminated.

Mecasec® is a range of self-lubricating bushings and washers, selected and sized by ZMC, which are inserted in all the friction points of the chain, guaranteeing savings also in terms of energy consumption thanks to their low friction coefficient.

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