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Chains for bottle washing systems

Through a long and fruitful collaboration with the sector’s customers ZMC has developed a complete and reliable range of chains used in the systems dedicated to the washing of bottles and more generally of glass containers.

Most of the applications concern the food industry and in particular the beverage sector (beer, soft drinks etc.) but the same concepts are also used in the pharmaceutical field. In the design and construction of these chains the main theme is to guarantee durability and reliability in heavy operating conditions due to both the environment and the increasingly high productivity required in the sector.

The chains work immersed in baths with added detergents that can contribute to the oxidation of the chain, lubrication is not allowed and in addition the recycled bottles put in circulation various abrasive residues due to both the dirt that is collected inside them and the decomposition of the labels.

In these chains, constructional strength is sought in every detail right from the design phase. The experience of ZMC in the choice of the steels used and in their heat treatment is also crucial.

In this case, two typical chains of the sector are highlighted, one with a welded attachment and the other with a bent attachment. In the second case, the photo shows the version with protruding screws used for fixing the crossbar that transports the bottles loaded into special cells.

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