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Transport chains for food cooking ovens

Cooking is the natural conclusion of the process in which bread in its many variations, pizza and all the baked desserts are produced.

Many OEMs in the sector have been using the ZMC chains for decades as an indispensable component of their conveyors, dedicated to craft or industrial production.

The main configurations used for ovens with conveyor chains are: horizontal wire net or slats, the latter can be entirely in steel or with stone inserts, the further alternative being the one with vertical moulds. In the case of wire net ovens, the chains are generally produced with hollow pins, while for the slats, a wide range of chains with attachments has been developed, some of which have protruding pins and outboard rollers, for the latter case there are solutions with bearings or self-lubricating bushings.

In vertical cell ovens, chains with hollow pins or protruding pins are generally used. In some cases these are double chains. ZMC is always available for the design and sizing of new models that take into account the specific operating conditions of each furnace. Among the fundamental parameters for the design we mention: speed, transported load, temperature and other environmental conditions, scheduled maintenance. With an appropriate choice of: materials, including stainless steels of various types, heat treatments, coatings and special components (bushings, bearings) it is possible to produce chains capable of working up to 500 ° C.

In this sector, the self-lubricating Mecasec® technology, exclusive of ZMC, can be used up to 250 ° C.