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Plant chains for brick industry

The production of bricks, tiles, roof tiles and other elements obtained from the forming and firing of clay-based mixes, requires in some of its stages the use of chain conveyors.

ZMC has a well-established expertise in the design and construction of chains assembled in raw material handling systems, including stacker and reclaimer arms used for the storage, or in systems used for firing and drying the bricks and for their final packaging.

In the chains for stacking / reclaiming arms, which work in exceptionally dirty and dusty environments, sophisticated systems of protection and lubrication of the rollers, often equipped with bearings, are used. For drying and firing systems, the robustness coupled with the service required by the customer is sought above all, and  for this purpose, chains with attachments, protruding pins or bushes mounted at the center of the links to support the racks carrying the product are used. In some cases it is necessary to weld the heads of the pins.

For the handling of pallets, before and after the packing, it is possible to use simpler deep link chains or chains with attachments to make roller conveyor belts.