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Conveyor chains for the canning industry

This sector is historically one of the most important of the Italian food industry, in particular as regards the products derived from tomatoes (peeled tomatoes, tomato sauce, tomato paste and others). Thanks to the collaboration with the most important OEMs and users, ZMC can boast in this field a wide experience that ranges from the chains used to convey the raw material inside the plant, to those used in the various phases of the industrial process: selection, transformation and packaging, including pasteurization or sterilization of containers (cans, bottles etc.).

A wide range of materials, coatings, dimensions and constructive solutions have been successfully combined to obtain reliable and long lasting chains, even in the most difficult operating conditions.

Among the flagships of the ZMC production for the canning industry, it is certainly worth mentioning the 50mm pitch chain with protruding pins used in peeling machines.

Other designs of chain: with various types of connection, including hollow pins and protruding pins, are used in many applications, often in harsh conditions.