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Conveyor chains for the agri-food industry

The main use of ZMC conveyor chains in the Agri-food industry concerns the sorting and grading of machines used to select the most diverse types of fruit and vegetables according to size, weight and other quality features.

In the same sector ZMC chains are also used for processing and packaging the agri-food product.

ZMC manufactures various designs of chains for these kind of applications, all characterized by tight dimensional tolerances, in particular as far as length is concerned. Upon request, ZMC provides the pre-stretching and measuring service, this makes it possible to assemble the chains on the system by matching them, guaranteeing maximum precision and uniformity of length.

Given that it is always possible to design new chains for the sorting machines that meet the needs of conveyor manufacturers, the main solutions already in use in the sector are the following:

  • chains with central holes in the plates
  • chains with extended pins and central holes in the plates, possibly with different pitch between internal and external link
  • chains with a groove on the plates
  • hollow pin chains
  • chains with extended pins