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Chains for the paper industry

The handling of paper rolls of various sizes and weights is the fundamental application of this sector. For this purpose ZMC manufactures chains of different sizes and shapes according to customer needs.

In the ZMC range dedicated to the paper sector there are both single chains with welded top plates and complete conveyor belts consisting of two or three chains in parallel with screwed top plates.

The elements on which the paper rolls rest are carefully finished to prevent any surface defects of the transported product and, on request, they can also be protected with galvanic coatings or with a high wear resistance plastic film available in various colors.

The top plate can be supplied in a shaped or flat version according to the needs of the rolls that are supported and transported on the conveyor surface.

When necessary, welded stiffeners or ribs are used to reinforce the elements that support the load.

Bearings, bearing rollers, sometimes in combination with self-lubricating bushes, are often used to reduce the coefficient of rolling friction (and consequently energy consumption) while reducing maintenance costs.

Some chains incorporate guide feature in the form of side wearpads or wheels in a vertical position.