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Chains for Slaughtering Plants

Chain applications in abattoirs on an industrial scale require technologically advanced solutions and materials suitable for the conditions in which transportation takes place. Generally the chains operate in humid environments at least for part of their path. As part of a food system, they are subject to frequent cleaning cycles carried out with chemically aggressive detergents and disinfectants. Frequently the conveyor goes through significant thermal jumps with passages from room temperature to areas where the temperature drops below zero.

To follow the complex paths required by the process, many of these chains are made with cardan joints. The presence of a hook or a pusher is another frequent feature in chains for slaughterhouses, this element allows the carcasses to be pushes along the guides from which they are hung during the various stages of the slaughtering process.

Numerous chains are used in this sector, there are self-lubricating or low-maintenance versions are available.