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Chains for leavening cell industry

The proofers are an integral part of the industrial process for the production of numerous bakery products such as: bread of various sizes and types, including loaves of bread and derivatives such as crackers, breadsticks, pretzels; rusks, pizzas, focaccia; biscuits and sweets of various kinds.

Depending on the size and characteristics of the product and the performance requirements, the designer can develop the proofer in various ways, using paths in both vertical and horizontal direction to convey the containers (trays, baking tins, slats, etc.) on which the products to be leavened are deposited. ZMC is able to meet the most varied design requirements with solutions suitable for the different types of conveyor; in this range are found chains with attachments, hollow pins, extended pins, with bushings, rollers or bearings mounted at the center of the links or with holes in the links specially designed for the subsequent assembly of the necessary components. ZMC is able to advise on suitable materials and coatings for longevity appropriate to the working conditions (load, speed, temperature, humidity, contact with process fluids or steam).

Self-lubricating or low-maintenance solutions can be studied on request.