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Chains for Cement Industry Plants

For over twenty years ZMC has been supplying chains to some of the leading OEM companies and end users in the cement industry.

The main applications are those related to the storage and recovery of the raw material (these is the type of conveyors called stackers and reclaimers). Chains are also employed in other stages of transport of the product using apron conveyors and bucket elevators.

These chains are subjected to high loads, impacts and vibrations; they work outdoors, exposed to atmospheric agents and in some cases very low temperatures, always in the presence of dust and other abrasive elements. All this puts a strain on the mechanical, wear and fatigue characteristics of each component. The sizing, the choice of materials and the careful construction are essential requisites to ensure durability and reliability in the extreme conditions that are typical of this sector.

In this range are found chain designs with attachments of various kinds to which the different types of blades, buckets or slats, necessary for carrying out the work of moving the raw material are fixed. In some cases the links are strengthened by special welded reinforcements or even they are made up of machined solid blocks.