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Non standard solid pin chains metric pitch

wdt_ID Chain N. P mm L mm D2 mm D5 mm D6 mm H mm S mm F1 mm F2 mm Breaking load N Chain weight kg/m

(*) STAINLESS steel chain
(**) Chain with shaped plates
(***) Attachment dimensions as chain type 500
(◙) Diameter 18 mm. for “A” type chain

Additional features:
– rollers of nylon, delrin, etc.
– surface treatments of zinc plating, nickel plating, etc.
– with extended pins
– pre-tensioned and labelled


wdt_ID Chain N Combinazioni montaggio P mm a mm b mm c mm d mm d1 mm e mm f mm s mm Weight per attach. kg

(**) Chain built only with A101 / A102 attachments

Chains with bent attachments
● 1 hole connections
♣ 2-hole attachments
❒ 3-hole connections
■ central hole: b = 32.5